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Welcome to the Rebellion
Talent Consulting that makes a difference

We reject lofty “best practices” and mythical 5 year horizons
We give real-world advice and provide clear impacts
We won’t sacrifice your success by selling our independence
We champion Change Makers who enhance DE&I and Experience


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Why work with us?

We've worked for large, complex organisations leading:

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Contingent workforce Management

  • DEI & Belonging

  • Employment Brand

  • Redeployment

  • Mobility

We have also led commercial RPO accounts, and been strategy, solution, and continuous improvement architects to Talent clients.

But most importantly, we have sat in your chair, and we know that your chair can be pretty uncomfortable.

We have managed a cost centre and we understand the very real challenges internal teams face.

We’ve also had our fill of "best practice" that can’t be implemented by mere mortals.

We say NO to best practice, and YES to relevant, practical, meaningful, real-time change that builds to longer term progress.


We happen to be fanatical about the people industry and we know we can lift you out of a transactional hell into a space where Talent is recognised as a key collaborator and enabler of the business.

Talent Consulting that makes a genuine difference.

Join the Rebellion.

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