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'Pick N Mix' evaluations
The evaluations you want when you need them

Therefore Talent reviews will identify improvement opportunities and provide clarity on next steps. Here are a few favourites but talk to us about a 'Pick n Mix'.
Stay out of Jail


Managing risk and ensuring compliance for Talent functions is a constant challenge.

This review will evaluate practices against legislative requirements.

We will highlight any gaps and co-create resolution strategies and a governance framework

Swipe Right


How attractive are you to the talent you want to hire or keep?

A Swipe Right review will look at the effectiveness of your Employer brand. We will review previous recruitment campaigns for impact and whether the Talent experience aligns with the business brand. Let’s listen to the potentials, the leavers and the stayers so you can openly communicate what makes you special.

Should it stay or should it go

There is no shortage of work.

Work, work, work, work

But is the right thing to spending time on and is it delivering a result your customers care about?

How should the work be done?

Insource/ centralise/ decentralise/ outsource/ flex/ automate/ self service/ bots/ more people...choices, choices.

We help you prioritise and make good decisions on what you need and how it works best.


Do your people have the tools they need?

HR tech is the fastest growing Tech market. Let us support your decision making with Independent advice and insights so you know what you NEED.

HCM augmentations to maximise functionality


Assessment product

Relationship management

Onboarding, Offboarding and all the other bits

Always Human


These things matter to us. They should matter to you.

  • How diverse are your people really?

  • Do you achieve the hiring metrics that matter?

  • Is your talent process supporting an equitable outcome?

  • Do your people have the will and skill to be an Ally?

Let us help by reviewing what’s working, and what’s not and what to do next

Show me the money


This review will focus on agency and contingent spend. We bring together Talent and Procurement to uncover:

Is there a Vendor panel and are they up to scratch?

Who are our non-employee workforce, why and how do we engage them.

What is a labour spend and is it value

Do we have the right workforce mix of employees and non-employees

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